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We’re building POWERBIM Digitaltwin cloud SaaS platform for the built environment and we’re looking for the right person to help us. This role will see you joining a talented team, with opportunity to grow and reporting directly to the CTO & CEO

The role mentions back-end or full-stack development to reflect the fact that engineering of back-endcloud services will be crucial for this role, but also that knowledge of modern front-end development is appreciated and there is an opportunity to contribute to both.

On the technical side, you’ll be working with modern tech stacks and paradigms, from serverless orchestration systems and microservices, to single-page and progressive web apps, all in an automated CI/CD environment. We operate our own services, so you’ll also have the opportunity to get involved with DevOps as much or as little as you’re comfortable.

  • Contribute to the design, implementation, testing, and deployment of our products and platform
  • Take ownership of services, features etc and build applications & APIs according to specifications
  • Write code using core engineering principles & industry best practices to ensure quality, usability and performance
  • Define and build test suites, perform analysis to identify opportunities for improvement & automation and build them
  • Closely collaborate with our team of developers and product manager to build the best product possible
  • Participate in our agile development process, including sprint planning workshops & demos, code reviews and quality assurance activities
  • Help ensure our product’s success by participating in workshops and discussions


We are searching for a Back-end or Full-stack Developer with working experience of building cloud-basedback-end APIs and modern web development. We encourage transparency, autonomy and innovation sowe’re looking for someone that would appreciate the open & collaborative environment.

For this role, you are required to demonstrate experience & skills in the following:

General development experience
development in a source-controlled environment (Git) with modern DevOps practices

Back-end technology skills
extensive JavaScript (ES6+) or TypeScript (NodeJs) knowledge
knowledge of C# and Python is highly valuable.
experience building APIs in a microservices or event-driven architecture
experience building in a serverless environment such as Azure Functions & Durable Functions
experience building services with cloud-hosted NoSQL (Cosmos, Mongo) or SQL databases

experience developing for Azure (or AWS) environment & services
High knowledge in Docker and Kubernetes.
experience or high knowledge in IOT systems, Azure IOT Hub, protocols and connectivity

Key skills
excellent verbal & written communication skills – English + Spanish
initiative & proactive working methodology
highly adaptable and keen to develop your skills in a collaborative & engaging environment
ability to translate business requirements into technical requirements & solutions finding the best strategy


Front-end Technologies
knowledge of CSS & HTML
knowledge or experience in ReactJs
knowledge or experience in NodeRed
knowledge or experience in 3D/BIM software API

Master Degree in Computer Science, CS Engineering, Software Development or related fields


As part of our growth strategy as a reference company in digital transformation applied to the AECO sector, we are looking for a new candidate with experience in the development of architecture and/or engineering projects with BIM methodology (Autodesk solutions), with knowledge of modeling collaborative, BIM coordination.

You will become part of a multidisciplinary team that is an agent of change in the AECO sector, a pioneer in the use of BIM technology and the development of software and applications for the sector.


  • Demonstrable experience in BIM modeling and coordination
  • Revit software, Navisworks
  • Prepare technical documentation of construction projects, reports
  • Ability to solve project problems professionally
  • Demonstrable academic training, professional title


  • BIM programming skills (C#, Dynamo, Autodesk Forge)
  • Visualization skills (Render, Animations)
  • Other BIM software skills (4D,5D,6D)


In BIM6D we are evolving fast in the metaverse development for the AECO industry (buildings, infrastructures, movility, smart city), and new amazing projects are coming in different areas. META4BIM platform is the answer for the future of BIM along the metaverse and we are looking for an expert in specific technologies that will help to reinforce the team and to go for the next level.

We are looking for an expert in Unreal Engine 5 , 3D expert to modify meshes and texturization in a high level and realistic manner, skills in gamification using blueprints to create interactivity, animations and all kind of configurations for gammes and inmmersive experiences for VR, XR, others.

You will become part of a multidisciplinary team and you will be focused in new innovative and pioneer projects in metaverse development for important clients and projects, national and international.


  • Demostrable experience in Unreal Engine 5, and development of blueprints
  • Demonstrable experience in 3D realistic modeling, texturization (desirable Substance Painter or Designer) and visualitazion + Motion Graphics for VR / XR / other environments
  • Demonstrable academic training, professional title
  • Other development skills are valuable (NPC programming, UMG (widgets), javascript, C#, python…)

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