In 2D dimension we work with documentation and DATA, that can be integrated in BIM internally or connected appart using integration tools. DATA is the vector in BIM to create realiable information and we implement specific tools and automation processes to inject or to extract data from BIM to and from building systems.

In a BIM project there are a large volume of information and workprogress under the visible surface forming the deliverables, that’s why sometimes it’s tended to underplay and even to skip all the basis thanks to which the project is heading in the right direction.

BIM2D dimension provides a fundamental part that gap to address project development toward the goals reflected in the BIM Execution Plan. In this dimension of the project are implemented reliable and quality processes for the project decisions, main assessments will be hierarchised, and the model must be adapted accordingly.

It’s one of the biggest advantages of BIM technology. Allows to add intelligence to the model, and to address the changes that it will experience in the development phase while maintaining its essence and its vector. This can be done with programming, which can be integrated in BIM softwares or implemented externally.

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