AECO sector becomes digital and more efficient

We are a B2B company for AECO Industry. We provide digitization services and app development for all kind of companies and organizations.

We use BIM technology (Building Information Modelling) as the base for our services which consist in to create and to manage digital 3d models for buildings and infrastructures linked with databases.

We mix technology with professional AECO (architectural, engineering, construction and operations) expertise so our team is integrated by architects, engineers and developers, all of them need knowledge from each other.

Developing projects our main experiences have been Hospitals, Skyscrapers and Logistic centers, but also, we have experiences in all kind typologies like housing, offices and others.

We are experts in Project Management, Architecture, MEP Engineering, Sustainability and Energy Eficiency, Civil Engineering, Data analytics and ICT development. The result is a company that offers innovation and technology services for AECO industry.

15% of our time is dedicated to innovation and research, each member of the team has a dedicated time for innovation and research so the members will lead new business models inside the company if we break the pain barriers.

Leave your comfort zone It paralyses you

We develop apps on demand and automation workflows like data extraction / injection, plugins, scripts and web apps, all of them with the common, all of them with the added value of integrating digital models as added value.

We like challenges and we usually face new problems to solve with 3 stages before production:


POWERBIM is a DIGITAL TWIN tool that links digital building or infrastructure models with static or dynamic databases to manage the lifecycle of the assets, from its design phase to the real state phase, avoiding the loss of information, monitoring, simulating and improving the performance of the asset, the building or infrastructure.

POWERBIM connects digital models with physical devices or components and their data, we provide specific functionalities for common uses for AECO industry, but also for Facility Management and Operations purposes.

POWERBIM obtains the data automatically from the virtual digital model but also, we connect to other sources of data coming from devices in the real building, or the city, so we can integrate all the necessary information to the digital asset to manage efficiently the real one.

POWERTWIN is the DIGITAL BRAIN that creates Smart Buildings integrated to Smart Cities, the digital cloud platform receives processed data sources coming from sensors, building energy management systems, facility management and other existing platforms already installed in buildings. We offer edge computing / cloud computing data predictive analytics using our machine learning algorithms and provide customers ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE recommended actions to improve the building performance.

The Saas platform integrate results in multiple devices like AR / VR for facility / property managers, POWERBIM integration that allows a full DIGITAL TWIN professional platform, and users will consume the data only when they need it.

BIM along project stages

We have a great experience in helping AECO companies in developing projects using digitalization. Big challenging global projects and small for specific purposes. We size efforts and resources to client needs to provide more quality with less.

In BIM, short terms of goals combined to main project stages work better than to go to the main submittals directly. In the chart we show the main “BIM topics” in the project lifecycle evolution nowadays. We like to divide between geometry modelling vs data modelling instead we usually begin doing that in a single model / file, we recommend to work with data modelling separately but connected to digital models to arrive to better integrate to building systems and go to conquer the digital twin with ICT development.

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