Railway digitaltwins for inmersive experiences for passengers / BACK TO THE DIGITAL FUTURE

Metaverse in Mobility

Year: 2023  |  Promoters: RENFE / TRENLAB



The challenge that RENFE pursues is to become the first European railway operator to enter the metaverse. And this means applying HIGH SPEED to technological development.

To achieve this, the keys are to accelerate the company’s digital transformation process, to face the challenges of the future TODAY.

Implement technology to manage the fleet, trips and processes through data

And offer a unique experience to the passenger, improving mobility services, and reinforcing the image of the RENFE brand in Spain and internationally as a reference organization in the mobility sector.



BACK TO THE DIGITAL FUTURE for Renfe is an innovative project developed under the META4BIM initiative, leveraging advanced digital technologies to enhance the travel experience in the metaverse. Created as part of the TRENLAB program by RENFE, META4RENFE aims to offer a unique, immersive journey through time aboard the historic Talgo II train from the 1960s, while at the same time, we are proposing a scalable platform that will enable the incorporation of new trains from the company’s past, present and future.

The Challenge: The first Metaverse in Mobility for Rail

BIM6D has been the winner of the Metaverse Mobility challenge in the fifth edition of the program for startups promoted by TrenLab, to create, just in a few months, the first pilot project for a metaverse based on cutting-edge technologies for the mobility sector: BIM, 3D, POINT CLOUDS and much more to generate digital twins of the assets, in this case, trains and infrastructure that serve them (stations, roads, …) Use of AVATARS, because the metaverse is nothing without us, and the key is in how we use it and interact in it and socialize! INTERFACES, and in this metaverse, not everyone thinks the same nor will they use the same devices, we must be prepared for full scalability. REAL UTILITY In a virtual world, technology must be created to solve real problems, and avoid invented worlds that do not represent real-world situations. SPECTACULARITY, this is our challenge and ambition, we are going to create a unique and spectacular experience for passengers.

Purpose and Objectives

The main objective of BACK TO THE FUTURE is to utilize cutting-edge technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), LIDAR, blockchain, and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) to create a cyber-physical ecosystem. This ecosystem allows the creation of digital twins of RENFE’s assets, providing a seamless and interactive experience for users. The project not only aims to preserve and digitalize historical assets but also to enhance user engagement and provide new services to travelers through a multi-platform approach, including VR headsets, mobile devices, and web streaming.

A trip to the past and future of Renfe

We propose the use of immersive 3D environments and offering them in multiple formats, where passengers will choose their avatar and will be able to access stations, trains and all the information they need to plan their trip. We propose that the passenger can enjoy on board the experience of recreating other eras, past and future, of a RENFE trip, using virtual reality at home, and mixed reality technology on board, the user will be able to get on a digital twin of the train where we will apply artificial intelligence to travel, in the time. We want to offer RENFE users multi-user and multi-device technology, where the passenger feels like the protagonist.

DigitalTwins in the Metaverse

One of the purpose of the project is to leverage building information modeling (BIM) , 3D and other advanced technologies, such as LIDAR, blockchain, and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR), to create a cyber-physical digital ecosystem. This proposed ecosystem will allow the creation of digital twins able to connect to multiple exinting systems managed by the corporation, real time data, travel information, interior confort conditions on board and others to improve customer’s experience trough the usage of technology in a 3d model context able to operate in remote the assets.

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