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Today’s Facility Management should be connected to BIM methodology, models and databases to take profit of the valuable information that professionals have included during design and construction phase. But also, 4.0 disrupting technologies like IOT+5G technology are already revolutionizing all sectors offering immediacy of data access to all connected devices and equipment and with a good ecosystem with secure servers and processes we can provide a tool to manage all the necessary for Facility Management connected to BIM digital models, databases for all necessary components using BIM standard classification systems but also connected to CAFM/GMAO BMS/IOT to directly control the equipment and devices from just one platform.

Parallel to the geometric development of the project to be modelled in BIM, the inclusion of the information required to manage the asset will be equally or more important. For this, all the information regarding the components that need to be managed / maintained in the lifecycle of the asset, which will be included in the BIM model directly or indirectly, must be available.

There is an international BIM standard to define these layers of information for Facility Management or Building Maintenance, and it is called COBie but this is a basis to be adapted to real client needs.

The data structuration approach should be included in EIR / BEP protocols in order to inform the stakeholders from early stage to guarantee the information is being included along the project design / construction and comissioning stages.

Once we have a COBie or equivalent database adapted to project / organization the Facility Management team should be able to integrate it in the selected platform of CAFM / GMAO / CMMS software in order to use this for maintenance services

Important key processes are shown below:

  • Ability to create a common database for multiple models and disciplines
  • System classification based on standards Uniclass or similar
  • Data structuration and fulfilment for the main parameters for facility management (manufacturer, model, warranty data, prices, etc.)
  • Using COBie spreadsheet for issues management in real time if possible (we recommend Microsoft SharePoint Integration if possible)
  • Intelligent database generation in an automated way in order to create automatically COBie spreadsheet database automatically from BIM models evolving in a different way from disciplines / versions . We recommend POWERBIM tool to automate the database generation

POWERBIM, connects BIM models with databases in the cloud using Autodesk Forge + Microsoft Azure technologies working together, so that there is a server for the storage, management and leverage for project data, which may come directly from BIM models or connected to any other data source, static or dynamic (streaming data)

From this simple concept BIM automatically integrated to DATA, amazing possibilities can be integrated for building operations by integrating complex systems like Scada ,BMS, EMS, IWMS, etc. or IoT devices offering data and remote control in real time, together with cameras and other devices integrated in a simple and intuitive way for final users.

The use of AR in maintenance operations by technical professionals will be in the near future the best way to access the information of any component, equipment or machine together to include signals, warnings or indications to help in building operations. So using glasses / tablets / mobiles integrated to BIM / FM platforms / IoT devices are under our scope of services for Facility Management.

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