In 5D dimension we work with the reality of buildings or infrastructures in terms of quantities and pricing, this means that we need to obtain from digital models and databases the truth from the projects. Not all the information should be inside the models and our experience says that cost is one of this to be calculated with specific tools and by professionals and connected to models in an automated way. Let us tell you our method.

We help companies to correctly implement BIM in a 5D point of view. In our vision there 3 important points to work with. 1st is to know if client skills is ready to quantify a project from a professional point of view. 2nd is to learn how to work with data structuration to adapt BIM to professional quantity take offs. 3rd is to have tools and automations ready to use to compare differences between BIM and physical reality and to have a methodology ready to automate the most of the project quantity take off from BIM models.

Once we know how to quantify a project using BIM and related techniques, we can obtain easily budgets for multiple purposes but remember that not all the budget is coming from BIM models. In truth our recommendation is to avoid to include pricings inside BIM models or BIM objects at all for multiple reasonable reasons.

Going further once we are ready to extract quantities and budgets from BIM. We are ready to use BIM to compare offers, to automate tendering processes and to use BIM models structured in roles and responsabilities for suppliers, just to obtain accurated pricings and to manage 5D in a complete anf challenging manner. How to do that? Using BIM models for tendering processes will be a tendency in the near future and today we can help being ready to do that.

Future of BIM is outside of BIM. In other words, we need to integrate BIM to existing effective technologies, if we get that we will ready to take profit of BIM investment defitively, crossing building structured data to CRM / ERP systems will provide a new vision of 5D, more complete and efficient. We are experts integrating BIM to other multiple technologies.

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