POWERBIM Pilot Project


Year: 2020  |  Client: Via Celere |
Firms: Via Celere |

BIM360 + Revit
Excel + Sharepoint
Power BI


POWERBIM applied to estimate the cost of construction, the price of sales and multiple parameters depending on real time dynamic calculations over BIM model databases.

The client has a clear vision of variables they use to calculate the promotion price and from this basis there is no need to have a complex or detailed model at all. To simulate multiple scenarios and working in BIM5D there is no need to have a full detailed model if the prices that are being managed are global. Indeed, a BIM model with “Boxes” defining housing, common areas, terrasses and specific components like parking slots, it is enough to automate the calculations, so client can configure multiple versions first before to start detailing the best option.

The pilot project consisted in to demostrate the client the possibilities to easily calculate the required indicators from a custom Power Bi report connected to POWERBIM, from this template, all projects with the same requirements can be automatized in POWERBIM, including the version comparison of a project.

Next steps will be to create the same workflow with a fulll detailed model and to link components to a BOQ database.

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