In 6D dimension we arrive to integrate BIM to building processes and systems, this means that we get to use digital models to connect to Building and Energy Management Systems, Computerized Maintance Management Systems and IoT sensors. We use BIM as basis to simulate the behaviour of systems and users to operate Digital Twins for Facility Management and Building Performance.

Energy modeling requires specific development and professional skills to domain the calculation and analysis of building behaviour for sustainability and energy efficiency purposes and others, like thermal comfort. BIM is being integrated in this workflow and we can obtain benefits from both of them if we know how to integrate in an automate and bidirectional way.

If energy modeling is a great feature to be adapted to BIM. Sustainability is a challenging problem to be faced for AECO sector. We must to create more sustainable designs. There are specific areas in where BIM can help in to provide high quality databases and positive workflows between stakeholders in this area.

We understand that covid-19 is changing the way we live in our world. But we need to continue working, living in a social community, but are the buildings ready to special health and security measurements like social distance and how we can manage the quantity of people expected to be moving inside a building? We have experience in crowd flow simulations using a combination of technologies like BIM, statistics, simulation software and data analytics.

Smart Buildings is the goal for the new era of digitalization. We are developing specific digital twin applications that are integrated to building systems in order to facilitate the way we operate buildings. But also, we need professional engineering skills to understand data and to determine actions to improve the building behaviour.

Facility Management services is integrating BIM, this will impact positively in the way we operate and maintain the assets because we can obtain better and structured information in earlier stages and to incorporate facility managers in design decisions. Also digital twin technology is providing a digital ecosystem to better manage the buildings more closed to real time.

We are specialists in to integrate BIM to other technologies that are not BIM but beneficial for the sector. BIM is just a part of the digital ecosystem of technologies that will help to improve the way we live in buildings and cities.

Digital Twin is just nex step in the AECO sector. With digital twins technologies we can operate buildings in real time and to access the historic or predicted data for multiple systems and to take profit of BIM like never before. BIM6D has been working in this since 2017 and today we have great results tested in real cases.

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