POWERBIM Pilot Project


Year: 2021  |  Client: ENNE GESTIO |  Size: 4,500 m2/unit

Revit + IFC
Camera Integration
Scada Integration


Servei Catala de la Salut of Catalonia, as well known as Catsalut, is the Health Department of the Government of Catalonia in Spain. As an urgent action to mitigate the impact of covid-19 a decision to strengthen the health system, including the construction of new infrastructures as polivalent hospitals has been taken.

The particularities of these new hospitals are that instead to be isolated in new locations, they were planned to be directly connected with bridges to existing reference active hospitals in the region, so they will act as extensions of services when necessary optimising human and clinical resources. The other important point is the character of urgency for these constructions, a fast-track methodology was implemented and all stakeholders coordinated in a pionneer concept of strategy so in a short of time, 20 weeks, the projects has been designed, prefabricated, constructed and coordinated. Finally, the use of new technologies including disrupting ones just to facilitate and to smooth the critical processes that were not possible to be effective due to the sanitary restrictions have been adopted by all parties and is in here in where BIM6D team has take this opportunity to demostrate, again, the capabilities of POWERBIM solution as a digital ecosystem platform integrating existing technologies to BIM, and the result has been a new case of sucess and more important: a new reference to follow for incoming projects from this great experience.



From the beginning all stakeholders in the projects were requested to work in BIM, so in construction stage we received these models to start the integration in order to provide a platform to integrate the building systems to these models. The model audit process have been necessary to understand if the quality of the models were the expected, for us the analysis have been focused on data quality, and we discovered that the models counted with a good basis to incorporate to next stages, with a standard classification system incorporated to easily identify the nature of components and other main aspects well implemented. The only problem is that the models were not ready to use in operations stage so these requirement was not included for the previous stages, this means that we would need to incoporate an extra layer of information in components, plus incorporating important settings in these equipment and spaces to maintain, but we have created just some samples to show how this task can be not too much difficult if we know the minimun requirements from final client.

GIS - BIM integration

As system integrators, we understand that a health department need to manage not just one building, but multiple ones in a territory. The challenge is to have an easy way to integrate multiple assets in a single platform with just one click and locating buildings and infrastructures in the territory. The answer is again POWERBIM, with our pionneer GIS to BIM integration we can integrate simple volumetric shapes representing buildings and linking BIM models directly to them. Also in our GIS online system we can integrate real time data coming from surroundings of the buildings referred to data (private or public) important to be integrated to take on account for the management of the assets.

Static Data, Dynamic Data, Integrated

The challenge was to integrate multiple types of information in a single platform in a easy-way to use. Data coming from BIM, data coming from external files for plannification, or media services coming from 2 kinds of cameras, ip fixed cameras provided by developers companies and go-pro portable cameras, which have the capability to integrate the streaming emision in real time so one single operator in the field can share the inspection to multiple persons at home and to guarantee the sanitary requirements due to covid-19. We discovered together that integrating multiple sources of information in POWERBIM it is more easy to detect and to issue the problems found thanks to technology, and to better collaborate to improve the sucess of the project result in construction stage.


We needed to create virtual inspections from the interior of the buildings, so the exterior to buildings fixed cameras were not enough so we created the possibility to access to the building trough go-pro cameras. Operators in field or construction managers in on-site visit can transmit to multiple persons the media visualization and the route path represented in BIM. So we got to integrate multiple possibilities for media services integration in POWERBIM: Fixed ip cameras, go-pro portable cameras and the possibility to upload recorded videos from smartphones, the date of the recording will be placed automatically in the timeline date/hour taken from the file metadata.


Once we have all the information of the construction process integrated in one single platform, what we need is to provide an easy way to create issues to be shared to other stakeholders. So coming from BIM components, sheets, saved views, documents, media files or IoT data we can create issues referring to these information. The added value for a construction process effective coordination is just to make it easy by integrating multiple information in a single platform, these information that we need to manage and no other, with secure accesibility and to be able to share and to create a directional workflow in order to solve fast these issues / rfis.

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