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Autodesk Cloud Development Platform

Autodesk Forge

It is a set of APIs for developing applications in the cloud to access design and engineering data to improve the way of working. Create automatic processes, data and model visualization, workflows, etc. BIM6D is an Autodesk Forge Certified System Integrator company, our developers were trained by Autodesk experts so we have proven track records of helping businesses build software integrations within existing systems, and deploy custom, Forge-powered, cloud-based solutions.


Power Bi apps

Power Bi is an application getting famous in BIM because it allows to process, transform and display coherent and attractive information. We can work with complex origins of data, programming languages and other information technologies integrated in Power Bi apps created on demand, and of course integrating BIM data to other sources of information. We are experts in Power Bi from the beginning (2016) and we can provide the necessary expertisse to provide custom applications integrating AECO project information to any kind of data or systems (BIM, GIS, ERP, CRM, GMAO, IOT, etc)


Basics: Dynamo development

We have experience of years developing automation worklfows for projects. First we started with Dynamo in its origin, and today we have full domain of what it can offer, pros and limitations, and a great amount of possibilities for specific repetitive tasks to be performed in projects.

Intermediate: Plugins on demand

We are experts in Revit API, Autocad and Inventor API, and many others. All oriented to companies that want to integrate their products or workflow processes internally or externally to customers, so we can help in automating workflows and creating new business models with BIM apps on demand.

Complex: Design Automation workflow

If you want to automate Revit, 3ds Max, Autocad or Inventor tasks in the cloud without the need to have these software installed, you are in the right place, we are expert in Design Automation Workflow and integrations in the cloud. As the first company to be Autodesk System Integrators in Spain, we are sure we can provide just the workflow automation development your company is looking for.

Saas / Paas / Iaas knowledge and experience

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows to deploy virtual machines, databases, processing, memory, services, storage, messaging, events, and pay-as-you-go services. So we can develop software / platforms in where we pay for the usage of resources only. Cloud computing is allways available and we can automate multiple maintenance tasks so we can provide more reliable / productive products with less resources. Cloud computing is scalable and secure, using standarized protocols, software can be scaled up or down if your solution demands changes in real time. It can be located in multiple locations to ensure good connectivy at any place of the world. BIM6D has been committed to rely on the cloud from its origins, with experience in the main cloud infrastructure providers, we develop from the simplest app to complex digital ecosystems, we are specialized in automating processes and integrating them in the cloud, for AECO sector and related to it.

Basic infrastructure integrating BIM


IoT is growing year by year and we need to take advantage of its usage for multiple reasons. AECO sector needs to evolve and this will be possible by integrating real time data and analytics to be more productive, to be notified automatically when something is wrong in the site, in our facility. Thanks to BIM we started to evolve from 3D to 3D+data, but we need to start using more than estatic data and we need to connect BIM to IoT. We have created various sucessfull experiences by integrating individual devices, cameras, sensors, lights, fan-coil units and so on to BIM in a custom and easy way to implement and to integrate. Just ask for this kind of integration and start integrating BIM to real time data to your asset for remote control, security, health or operation / maintenance purposes.

Complex infrastructures integrating BIM


AECO companies and organizations that are in a good level of digitalization understand that we need to create a digital ecosystem of technologies oriented to manage buildings in a multilevel of systems connected. Today there are multiple solutions to acces information and to monitor / analyse / provide insights and being notified for warnings. There are cameras, sensors, smart devices and systems, building / energy management systems, facility management platforms for maintenance of spaces, inventory of equipment and domotic solutions to automate functionalities.

What BIM provides to all these systems is a way to integrate all of them virtually but with a direct relationship with the physical entity, thanks to the geometric representation and thanks to a layer of structured information based in standards related to construction. Also, if we integrate BIM to GIS and we get to use a Common Data Environment taking part of all this digital ecosystem, we will close to approximate to the Digital Twin technology.

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