POWERBIM Pilot Project


Year: 2021  |  Client: REY JUAN CARLOS UNIVERSITY |  Size: 2,125 m2
Firms: CAD&LAN

IoT Integration
Sharepoint & BIM db integration


Rey Juan Carlos University is a public university in the Community of Madrid with more than 50,000 students. The energy department of the University leaded by Javier Orellana Sanz is commited to advance in an efficient exploitation for all the assets in the campus, containing for more than 50 buildings distributed in 5 locations.

The Rey Juan Carlos University is immersed in the digitization for all the assets, together with the improvement of sustainability and energy efficiency. The goal is to evolve to a Smart Campus concept with Digital Twin technology in the center as cyberphyisical ecosystem of technologies, integrating all the information related to the buildings in real time.

Starting from the BIM model for the administrative building in the Campus, and the IoT sensors they already have storing real time and historic data in cloud server environment, POWERBIM has been implemented to automate the connection between the digital world and the physical asset throughout the data.

We also implemented multiple functionalities by using business intelligence dashboards for different purposes, condensed in this showcase video shown below:



Rey Juan Carlos university manages multiple databases for sensors by using advanced cloud systems and database storing for multiple devices to monitor temperature, humidity, occupancy, CO2 levels, energy consumption and others. The building contains a technical room with multiple sensors for MEP systems. BIM implementation in the university is in good hands, they count with CAD&LAN, Autodesk reseller company, which are helping the university by implementing BIM technological solutions like BIM360 Hub, Revit and others, so POWERBIM is complementing and integrating to this software ecosystem to take profit of the investment by facilitating the integration of the digital to the physical assets.


The main goals for the project by implementing POWERBIM platform are:

  • The creation of a digital ecosystem that integrates BIM, Business Intelligence, with static and dynamic data from management systems
  • Testing different use cases of static and dynamic data through custom business intelligence reports
  • The integration of data in real time, data visualization using different techniques


The main goal of POWERBIM is to highlight the more important in BIM – the data. But in BIM not all the data inside digital models is being used properly, or checked for other stakeholders different than BIM managers or modellers. We need to facilitate the access to all parties involved in the project to the project data, including of course the non BIM experts. More important than this is that today we need to manage real time data more than static data if we want to take control of systems and the building behaviour when its being operated, this is what we have implemented for the University. An easy way to manage the asset in a BIM data driven platform.

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