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Publication in ABC newspaper – Smart Buildings and grids 1024 341

Publication in ABC newspaper – Smart Buildings and grids

Join us to the Smart and Green Revolution !

New 4.0 Engineering business area led by Frederic Gil Banus
New Marketing and Business Management unit led by Efren Garcia Fernandez

ABC newsletter has published a column about Smart Buildings including the vision of opportunies in the sector in this area to BIM6D approach by developing digital twins tools and 4.0 engineering services in orther to evolve to Smart Buildings and Smart Cities integrated.

The today’s opportunity, from today to 2030, to evolve in digitalization, innovation and to adapt the construction sector in Spain to actual disruption changes, taking profit of our capabilities, prestige and competitiveness is unique. We call “New Smart and Green Revolution!”

Fernando Morales, founder of BIM6D, has created a team of professionals in the sector and high-level IT developers, and they have bet to digitalize buildings and their systems based in BIM methodology and their tools. First developing services for digitalization and simulation of multiple projects of Smart Buildings, while at the same time they have developed a digital platform – PowerBIM – which integrates digital models to Smart Buildings and Smart Grids data to monitor and to manage their systems in remote. This is the basis of their actual development of an ecosystem of Digital Twin – PowerTwin – in which, trough simulations, IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality convert in more smart the platform and allow to predict and to optimize the different systems.

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