Architectural Development. BIM Architectural Modeling


Year: 2015  |  Client: DNA Architects |  Size: 500,000 m2
Firms: PGI Engineering |  NDEC |  TROJB | 

3ds Max
Common Data Environment


Fernando Morales, Director of BIM6D Consulting has carried out BIM Coordination, BIM modelling & 3d visualization services for DNA Barcelona Architects and PGI Engineering for a Healthcare Complex in Al Jahra, Kuwait.

The huge project (500,000 sqm) is nowadays under construction, it has 1,200 bed and it has been a challenge the BIM development process due to the importance of coordination with different multidisciplinary teams located in different countries. (USA, Kuwait and different cities in Spain).

BIM Execution Plan, skype & in person coordination meetings and common data environment platform have been the perfect tool to collaborate in a smooth way.

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